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TCCSoftware, a division of TCC, is responsible for two landmark products for ISP / Security Management.  We are no longer offering downloads on this site to the product demos.

If you need any information on the below products, please email or contact us directly.

If you are an existing customer, please use the available support channels for assistance.

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TCCRadius Standard Edition

TCCRadius is an inexpensive, yet full featured RADIUS server
for the Windows Server Platform.

Features include:

  • Full Featured AAA Server
  • Support for Wireless HOTSPOTS and WISPs
  • ODBC/TEXT/NTSAM mode Authentication
  • ODBC/TEXT mode Accounting
  • Multiple Login Control
  • Fully RFC Compliant
  • Time Interval authentication restrictions.
  • Caller ID authentication restriction capability
  • Free Web Based Admin Tool
  • NT Group Authentication
  • Small, fast, and light – has no dependent DLLs for TEXT mode

TCCRadius is designed to be a fully functional RADIUS Daemon for the Windows Server Platform and is fully RFC compliant. Since the RFCs do not cover some features that we felt were necessary in the design of a RADIUS daemon, we have added some of our own functionality and custom attributes.

In addition to some custom attributes, TCCRadius is designed to provide some added emergency failsafe options. By editing a simple text file on the server, TCCRadius can go from Normal mode to Update mode or Accept mode without restarting.

In Accept mode, TCCRadius will accept every user that attempts to login provided, of course, that the NAS box is listed in the TCCRadius Clients file. Should there be a problem with the central RADIUS database, this allows an administrator the ability to have a functional network while the database is being repaired.

In Update mode, TCCRadius will accept every user that attempts to login. TCCRadius will also create a RADIUS profile for that user with the username and password data provided. This option is great when your user database has been lost.

MaxStat Session Viewer

MaxStat Session Viewer is an SNMP management tool for Remote Access Servers.

Features include:                                                      

  • Automatic Hang-up
  • E-mail notification
  • Automatic Export to HTML and Logging
  • Comprehensive array of NAS units supported

MaxStat is an SNMP Network Access Server (NAS) statistics gathering and monitoring tool targeted at ISPs and corporations using any of the many supported NAS products.

The software gathers user information and helps the MaxStat user determine trends and overall system resource strain. MaxStat can prove itself indispensable in helping you determine what sort of use and abuse your NAS system is put under. Worried that someone may be abusing your system? A quick look with MaxStat can help you put your mind at ease.

MaxStat allows system administrators to view, sort, and log critical user information. This information includes customer data such as username, elapsed time, modem connect rates, IP address, and service type. Along with the ability to monitor one or many NAS units at any given time, MaxStat allows system administrators to disconnect any user with a simple right click of the mouse. The display can also be customized to flag certain customer types with icons such as the black box modem icon for digital users, a red faced user icon for excessive log on time, and a yellow faced user icon for multiple logons