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Since 1993, Talon Computer Consulting has been offering networking services in Texas.  Since 1993, TalonCC has been providing online computer support to small and medium size businesses, local governments and school districts, large enterprises, and Internet Service Providers.  Currently our focus is on helping our customers to architect and solve the most complex of solutions.

TCCSoftware is a division of Talon Computer Consulting, Inc. Since 1996, we have been providing custom software solutions primarily focused on Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Our goal is to provide quality software products and services at an affordable price. In 1998, we entered the commercial software market with our Remote Access Server monitoring tool, the MaxStat Session Viewer. MaxStat provides Maximum User Statistics to ISPs and others using Remote Access Server products. In 1999, we began offering a full featured RADIUS solution for the NT/2000 platform.   TCCSoftware maintains a cutting-edge profile in modern software architecture and custom projects.

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